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Alumni Fund

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Support Strathclyde students to realise their true potential and enhance their University experience.

Undergraduate Scholarships

400x150 GD Scholarships

Give towards scholarships for students from low income backgrounds.

Covid-19 Hardship Fund

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Support living costs of Strathclyde students who are in financial need as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

John Fitzsimons Bursary Fund

John Fitzsimons Scholars and Family

Donate towards the John Fitzsimons Bursary Fund which provides financial support to talented mature Strathclyde Law School students.

Strathclyde Engineering for Development


Fund projects in India and Africa which are providing life-changing engineering solutions in remote communities.

Malawi Millennium Project

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Help Strathclyde improve education levels and the life chances of people in the impoverished country of Malawi.