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Strathclyde Engineering for Development

Strathclyde Engineering for Development is helping to transform lives across India, Nepal and Africa, whilst creating powerful learning experiences for our students.

The Nepal Schools Project

This new project in Nepal will transform the lives of children affected by the 2015 earthquakes that destroyed over 8,000 schools. Using the combined talents of our Architects and Engineers we are building a seismic proof school to allow Nepalese children to get back to school.

The Gambia Project

For over a decade our students and staff have installed solar energy solutions at schools and clinics across rural Gambia. Schools then sell the surplus energy to fund school meals, uniforms and equipment to generate income.

The Tamil Nadu Project

Based in South India, this solar aid project assists local institutions who educate and care for young people from marginalised communities. We are helping to provide reliable and free energy which means more disadvantaged young people can be safely housed and educated.

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